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Add choreographer to list of wedding hires

If you plan to entertain your guests with a choreographed dance, be it a hip-hop number, “Funky Cold Medina” or a romantic ballad by Frank Sinatra, wedding planner Jennifer Borgh and dance instructors Chuan Chee and Teego have a few tips.

Choose a song that reflects you as a couple.

Enrol in private lessons at least two months before the wedding.

Practise together or individually at least the length of the song every day.

Put a new twist on the performance to make it unique; for example, re-enact a famous movie scene.

Involve your guests and children.

Always pay for your wedding party’s lessons if you want them to dance.

If you’re having difficulty recruiting your husband, negotiate something he really wants.

Have fun and remember that audiences won’t know if you made a mistake.

Surprises always work well with guests, adds wedding planner Jennifer Borgh.

Her advice for couples is to stay away from the predictable – tired stunts done ad nauseam, such as starting off to a slow song, skidding it to a halt and transitioning to a breakout song, a move made infamous by the Brubakers.

“It’s been overdone,” she says.

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