What Karat to get your wedding rings

Karat spelled with a “K” refers to the breakdown of pure gold into a gold alloy unlike Carat spelled with a “C” that refers to the weight of a gemstone or diamond. Gold jewelry is usually stamped with a # following the “k” in a non-intrusive spot. When determining the karat that you want to get for your engagement or wedding rings the use of the jewelry is very important. For a charm on a necklace or earrings a high karat gold would be beautiful, and damage from daily use would be of very little concern. A ring on the other hand has to deal with a lot of wear and tear. It gets knocked, rubs against your fingers and can even be bent during your daily activities.

10k- would very hard, endure a lot of wear and tear but be a very light gold colour

14k- would be hard, endure more wear and tear then 10k and be a light gold colour

18k-Would be hard, endure wear and tear and be a rich gold colour

24k-Would be soft, not endure a lot of wear and tear(pure gold)

(some other countries use different alloys which produces different karats but these are the most common in Canada)

As some of my school training was as a Goldsmith, I have opinions about the Karat that is best for wedding rings and engagement rings. I recommend that my clients order their wedding rings in 18K gold. Alternatively, 14k gold can be used if you don’t mind a lighter colour. This will ensure that your rings have a rich gold colour and are a little harder so that they can endure years of daily wear and tear that rings go through. If either the bride or groom’s job involves manual labour with their hands, I would certainly recommend a lower karat as it would be able to withstand even more wear and tear.

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