Finding the Best Photographer for your Wedding

One of my number one priorities for all my clients is to try and get them the BEST photographer that they can afford. I just love photos and they are a big part in making the memories from the wedding day last a lifetime. There are thousands of photographers in Toronto and the GTA and it can be very daunting to spend a lot of the budget on a product that you can’t see before you have paid.

Here are a few tips for hiring the right photographer

– Get a professional referral. I have a data base of very impressive photographers and I love to share it with my clients. I narrow down the search to a handful of photographers that suit my clients style and budget.

– View the entire portfolio and not just selected photos. You want to see how the entire wedding has been captured. Most photographers can take a few good shots (with the right camera) but only an amazing professional photographer doesn’t miss a single important moment.

– View hard copies of the photos and not just an online version. Websites can make photos look much better then they do when they are enlarged physical photos.

– Make sure they have a second shooter or at least an assistant. Who will block the sun? Capture the photos of the guests while the bridal party takes photo? Make sure all the guests are smiling? Run to get another camera/light or props if needed?

– Find out the turn around time. With digital photography, a lot of photographers have reduced the time it takes to get your photos in your hands.

– Make sure that touch ups are included. Photos should look their best.

– Pay for the rights and for a digital CD/DVD to make re-prints. With digital photography you should always be able to re-print the photos.

– Find photographers that are willing to be flexible on time. They may charge you if they need to stay late, but you may want them to stay a little longer to capture something special.

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