When a hurricane changes your destination wedding plans

As Canadian suppliers deal with another hurricane in Mexico, couples are reminded of the importance of having an experienced wedding planner who is a travel agent (or works with a travel agent).  Not only would an experienced wedding planner and travel agent warn you to stay clear of hurricane season but also should a hurricane or any other issue arise, they would be by your side to take care of your details with as little disruption as possible.

One of the most important questions I would ask couples who are planning a destination wedding regardless of where it is “What would you do if your entire wedding group had to be moved a few days before the wedding?”  And most couples would not have a feasible answer for this, especially if their wedding group was over 10 people and each booked their own tickets to the destination.  Would you just cancel your wedding, try and have all of your guests re-book for a new destination?  For most couples, the wedding would be cancelled because there would not be enough hours in the day to deal with such a big task as re-planning a wedding in a few days.

Moving entire wedding groups is not as rare as you might think.  Life happens and sometimes it’s not in our favour.  Travel warnings can be issued for many reasons including hurricanes, fires, floods, and medical reasons.  Your guests have taken the time off work, they have saved for this trip and they are excited about your big day!  So why not have your wedding planner and travel agent take care of the details, try and move your group to another destination and plan your wedding with a little disruption as possible.

So I encourage you to hire a destination-wedding planner who is also a licensed Travel Agent (or works with one) because when it comes to your wedding week, you want to be relaxing and not stressing.

Some other good reasons to hire a wedding planner who is also a travel agent:

– Group rates for your guests

– Help finding the perfect location/destination for your budget/vision

– Payment plans for your guests

– Possible upgrades through a group booking

– To help you find out information on marriage ceremonies, paperwork, requirements to get married in that country.

– To secure rates so the entire wedding group pays the same amount

– To secure the correct number of seats/rooms for entire wedding group

– To coordinate with the resort prior to your arrival

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