Pillow menu at Sandals Royal Plantation

Just booked my clients into a Butler suite at Sandals Royal Plantation.  Here is the pillow menu(awesome!)


Memory – Relieves pressure with a unique high density, self-molding foam. Reacts to body temperature keeping sleepers cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

Water Filled – Positions head and neck naturally for instant relief from headaches and neck pain. Vinyl cushion fills with warm or cold water, adjusting firmness and support.

Buckwheat Hull – Conforms to the head and neck for maximum support and stress reduction.

5-Foot Body Cushion – Aligns the spine for better sleeping posture while reducing neck, back and joint pain. Perfect for pregnancy or recovering from surgery.

Leg-Spacer – Place this unique cushion between the knees to relieve lower back and hip pain or open up to use for extra support under the legs.

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