Cake Pops 4 Cancer-Update on Kaitlyn

A few months ago, my friend Robin Wight( and I hosted a fundraising event we called Cake Pops 4 Cancer.  Our goal was to raise money to send 4-year-old Leukemia patient-Kaitlyn on a vacation of a life time.  4-year-old Kaitlyn was undergoing treatment at Sick Kids Hospital.

We were so touched by this sad story that we got together and planned their event to try and give the family something positive to look forward to, and help lift their spirits during these difficult times. We immediately started organizing Cake Pops 4 Cancer, which took place in Toronto a few months ago.  Thanks to everyone who supported this event and the sales leading up to the event.  And a big thank you to the Toronto Star and Global News for including our story.

Coated in purple, yellow, brown, orange, red, pink, green and blue chocolate, the cake pops are a fresh twist on traditional lollipops and make for a great novelty item at parties or a special occasion at home.  Cake pops are delicious balls of chocolate cake dipped in colourful chocolate on a stick, making them fun for children and adults alike.  Cake pops are a hybrid cupcake/ lollipop and taste like a brownie dipped in chocolate.

I am happy to report that Kaitlyn has finally returned home with her family.  We hope to send her and her family on a vacation once the Dr’s give her the go ahead.

I am thinking another party is in order:)

All photos provided by the AMAZING Engaging Images:

Also, a big thank you to:

Robin from Lottie and Lil Cake pops

Dave Wilson from Century 21

Enza Ruscillo from T and M Sidewalk Cafe 1344 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Nails Tip Spa, Toronto

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