Celebrating Preston Bailey in New York!

In January 2010, I was lucky enough to attend a star-studded party thrown by celebrity planner Preston Bailey, as he celebrated the launch of his new book Celebrations. Joan Rivers and Nate Berkus, were among the celebrity guests in attendance. I decided to take my friend and Toronto Wedding Planner Lindsay Mogford. During the party, we met Randy Fenoli, fashion director of Kleinfeld and “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC.

The party unfolded at the Armory, which was completely transformed from a huge empty warehouse to an intimate room filled with purple, blue and pink touches. A large illuminated runway with images of Preston’s book cover and past events split the room. A lot of un-expected surprises popped up throughout the night to keep guests excited including models dancing down the runway with very little covering their bodies other than purple flowers and then Gloria Gaynor singing to get the party started. The vendors were the best of the best in New York. The lighting was incredible and provided by lighting expert Ira Levy (Levy Lighting). Olivier Cheng catering thought of every detail and the food was incredible with a huge selection of tasty bite sized hors d’oeuvres. Preston hired celebrity events planner Marcy Blum so that he could spend the night socializing and enjoy the party himself(the best thing anyone having a party or wedding can do for themselves and their guests).

It was a nice to remember.Thanks Preston!


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