Green Wedding Ideas

  • Order local/seasonal flowers to avoid shipping
  • Order local/seasonal food to avoid shipping and transport
  • Make a donation instead of guest favours or give guests seedlings
  • Order a horse and carriage, carpool or walk
  • Have ceremony, reception and photographs at the same location
  • Make the centrepieces potted plants or herbs that can be planted instead of thrown out
  • Have the ceremony during the day and outdoors to avoid lighting
  • Buy a suit that the groom will wear again or rent it for the day.
  • Make the gifts for the bridal party something that can be used on the wedding day and after (instead of a trinket)
  • Get married in a location that already has the look you want to avoid adding transport/cleaning
  • Use washable napkins and tablecloths
  • Sell or pass your wedding dress down when your wedding is over
  • Rent items instead of buying them (unless you can use them after the wedding)
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