Fashionable Chair Covers

Most brides are specific about the things they don’t like at weddings.  Sometimes they are clearer about the things that they don’t like than the things they do like.  I like to ask brides for their list of wedding trends or ideas that they absolutely don’t want at their wedding. I also like to make sure I am clear on exactly why they don’t like it so I can rule out other similar items or ideas.

While speaking with a bride the other day, she told me she hated chair covers.  I tried to get specifics on what exactly she hated about them.  Is it ALL chair covers she hates or just the most typical white chair covers & bows that match the wedding décor that is she opposed to.  It turns out she really does hate all chair covers so for her we won’t be doing chair covers.  Each couple has their own person style and taste and it’s so important to have their wedding reflect it.

I personally think there are some amazing chair cover designs available.  Chair covers can be up to the current fashion trends as far as style and colour and really change the look of the room.  The following photos from Wild Flower Linens will hopefully serve as inspiration. Here are some of my personal favourites.

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1 Response to Fashionable Chair Covers

  1. Pavel says:

    Very good article.
    There are clients who have absolute “hate” to some products that are sinonimus with weddings. And yes we sometimes have to come up with solutions and offer options that goe beyond our imagination!
    But I belive that traditional chair cover will still prevail!
    Thank you very much for posting!

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