The unwanted Hammock at your destination wedding

There seems to be a consensus amongst destination wedding couples that one of their biggest fears is having a man wearing a Speedo swimsuit in the background of their wedding photos.  Also known by some and defined by the urban dictionary as:

The banana hammock: A man’s Speedo swimsuit.

I just planned a stunning destination wedding in Jamaica where I came face to face with the infamous banana hammock.  And not only was he waiting right beside the aisle but he had a video camera.  After asking him four times to move away, I finally got impatient and asked him to video tape his Speedo if it was so camera worthy.

Destination weddings can draw a crowd, especially on a public beach and this can cause many issues for the photographer(s) who is trying to get the perfect shots without unsightly bathing suit wearers in the background.  Some suggestions to avoid the man with the Speedo:

– Have security move the crowd back

– If you are getting married on the beach, do it early in the morning before the sun tanners arrive

– Have your wedding off the resort on a private cove, garden or area that is not open to the public

I hope this helps you plan an amazing wedding.

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1 Response to The unwanted Hammock at your destination wedding

  1. Oh my gosh Jenn! LOL! Good on you for addressing what others fear to!

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