The real secret to a long lasting marriage

Although each of my client’s weddings are unlike the other,  they all seem to have one thing in common.  The secret to a long lasting marriage never fails to come up in the wedding speech.  What is the secret to a long lasting marriage?  Usually the advice is either “Happy wife, happy life” or “never go to bed angry”.  Perhaps, I should veer away from advice since I am newly married myself but I can’t help but notice that the most important thing (after choosing the right partner of course) is appreciation.  And if I really look at happily married couples that I have come across it seems to be the most obvious thing that binds them.  Marriage is a hard, but if couples could really just take a moment to appreciate each other, I think they would be much happier.  This is also a great advice to use in everyday life.  If you show genuine appreciation for others, most people will go the distance to help you.  I know as I look back on all of the couples that I have helped, the ones who really got the most out of my services were the ones that appreciated me the most.

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