100 Bridesmaid dresses

While representing Bahamas at the Wedding Co show, I took an opportunity to walk around and see this year’s amazing vendors. I met Joanna, the owner of Henkka convertible dresses.  She showed me in seconds how one of her dresses could turn into dozens of other styles by wrapping, unwrapping and adding embellishments.  I absolutely love this idea, especially for bridesmaids who want to be able to wear their dress after the wedding.  Each bridesmaid could have a different style but the same colour, or multiple colours could be used.  The dresses come in eighteen different colours including black.  As of now, the dresses are only available in one size but Joanna is talking about adding plus sized dresses in the near future.  They would be perfect for a local or destination wedding and could easily be worn after the wedding.

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  1. Kay says:

    I love this idea!

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