Where is the Royal Wedding Etiquette?

According to the Huffington Post, the royal wedding invitations for William and Kate’s wedding may be going out today.  Some 1800 guests are expected to receive the invitations.  There are rumours that there are three invitations: one for the ceremony, one for the Queen’s reception, and one for Prince Charles’ reception.  As I listened to this, I wondered if this could be true.  Three separate invitations, and each guest may or may not get all three?  In my opinion that would be poor etiquette.  It could cause a lot of embarrassing and uncomfortable moments for the guests.  If any of the guests that are not invited to all three events are friends or family, it would truly be in poor taste.

As a wedding planner, I can already see at least three embarrassing moments because of this three invitation situation.

– Guests receive one out of three invitations.  Translation: I wasn’t important enough to be invited.  Perhaps I am on the B or C list if someone cancels!

– Guest A says to guest B at the ceremony “I will see you tonight” and guest B has to say “I didn’t get invited tonight”.

– Guests are talking about the events of the day and one guest is not able to join the conversation as they missed those events.

I hope this is just a rumour as I would forfeit this invitation if I was deemed not important enough to be invited to the complete wedding.  It’s as bad if not worse than being not included on a wedding list only to be invited to a baby shower.

(photo credit: In Style Magazine)

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