Tie the knot in Las Vegas

While in Las Vegas for a Wedding Professionals conference I was invited on a guided tour of some of the wedding chapels that Las Vegas is famous for.

Their brochures use wording such as romantic, sophisticated, and elegant but these are not the words that most people would have come to mind when visiting one of these unconventional venues. Instead they are colourful, over the top, very fun, and laid back. They tend to offer ceremonies that may cause some controversy for traditional family members. And just in case all of the guests can’t make it to these exciting ceremonies, many of them offer a live feed broadcasted on the Internet.

“Viva Las Vegas” was by far the most offbeat option that I had the chance to see. Outside, couples get their names in flashing lights on the oversized marquee and the parking lot even has a reserved parking spot for Elvis. The wall in the corridor is covered with photos of celebrities who have been there in the past. Their speciality is themed weddings and they offer dozens of options that start at $650usd for a “gangster” theme, which has the minister dressing like the Godfather, up to the $1700usd fairytale theme where the minister is dressed up like King Arthur. Viva Las Vegas put on a very exciting mock wedding where the doors were flung open and the room filled with fog just as Elvis drove a pink Cadillac down the aisle carrying the couple. Elvis then jumps out and entertains the guests from the front with his singing. Elvis also doubles as the minister for the ceremony. This Elvis package costs $777usd. Viva Las Vegas also welcomes gay commitment ceremonies (although not legally recognized in Nevada).

One thing is for sure, guests are not bored during these ceremonies and they wont’ forget the details of these over the top nuptials. Couples must be at least 18 years of age to get married in Nevada and the prices for the licence vary according to area.
For more information or to book a Las Vegas wedding please contact jenn@jenniferborghevents.com

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