Final update on Cake Pops 4 Cancer

First of all, I wanted to thank each and every one of you who purchased cake pops to help with our fundraiser. Almost everyone who purchased Cake Pops had never met the family and were still touched enough to help.  We worked tirelessly to make it all happen and couldn’t have done it without your help!  A big thank you to my partner Robin at Lottie and Lil who was amazing and donated both her time, ideas and paid a lot of her own expenses to make this happen.

We have some great news to share.  Children’s Wish foundation has been able to provide the family with a Disney Cruise!  Due to this unforeseen offer by the Children’s Wish, we have decided to put the money raised towards this Disney Cruise instead of trying to use our own connections to arrange a trip.  Although I am sure the family would love to go away twice, it seemed fair to put the money towards this trip that was already booked and free up the Children’s wish funds so other children in the same situation can also get a wish.

During this process I have learned that there are 2 foundations providing Wishes to Children and if you want to help any other children have a Wish please visit their websites to make a donation.

Children’s Wish

Make a Wish

Event photos provided by the AMAZING Engaging Images:

Also, a big thank you to:

Robin from Lottie and Lil Cake pops

Dave Wilson from Century 21

Enza Ruscillo from T and M Sidewalk Cafe 1344 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Nails Tip Spa, Toronto

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1 Response to Final update on Cake Pops 4 Cancer

  1. Danielle says:

    Awesome! That’s fantastic that the proceeds will free up the funds to make another Wish happen for another child!

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