Barbados for your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon

Last week, I had an amazing trip to Barbados.  Nine destination wedding planners, who are all alumni from The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada were invited for an inclusive tour of the small island.  Sue from Soulmates hosted and organized this amazing adventure and took us to all of her must see wedding locations.

Barbados is one of the few islands with no residency requirements.  During business hours, you can get married as soon as you step foot on the island.  You don’t need any blood tests and since it’s an English speaking country, Canadian’s don’t need to get their English documents translated.

Barbados is full of things to do.  Swimming with the sea turtles, sample different types of fish at the fish market, tour the Mount Gay rum distillery, enjoy the music and culture at several festivals, play golf, visit the many historical sites or go scuba diving.

Barbados has the facilities to accommodate several religions and has several churches and synagogues. If you would like your ceremony somewhere unique then you can get married on a yacht, in a submarine, underwater or in a retired Concord.  They also have beautiful beaches, gardens and cliff side locations that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony.

If you need any help planning or booking your destination wedding or honeymoon please call or email me anytime.

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