Swimming with the Sea Turtles in Barbados for your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding

Friday, I returned to Toronto from an amazing tour of Barbados with eight other destination wedding planners.  There were so many highlights on this trip but my favourite part was swimming with the sea turtles.  A self-proclaimed wimp, I like to pretend that nothing is in the Caribbean Sea when I go swimming.  I faced my fear this trip to swim and snorkel with the fish and sea turtles.  This adventure is a must do when you are in Barbados and certainly a necessary addition to any bucket list.

Cool Running’s catamaran took us around the small island of Barbados swimming over ship wrecks and coral reefs.  We stopped and fed the sea turtles which were friendly and interactive with the swimmers.    As the sun set, the music played and we were served authentic Bajan food.  The crew was amazing and entertaining and made sure that everyone had a blast.

I would highly recommend this tour when you are in Barbados.  If the budget allows then a private catamaran for marriage proposals, honeymoons or destination wedding groups would be amazing!

Email me or call me anytime for a honeymoon or destination wedding quote!  jenn@jenniferborghevents.com

Thanks to the Barbados Tourist Board and Soulmates for organizing this tour.

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