Jennifer Borgh on Rich Groom, Poor Groom, Slice network

In 2010, my colleague, Amanda was getting married and asked me to help coordinate her wedding day.  She had signed on with Angelique Sobschak as her lead wedding planner of Rich Groom, Poor Groom and wanted me to be Angelique’s assistant.  Last night our episode finally aired!

You will see me in the background making sure everything is running smoothly and every detail is in my place.

Here is the episode summary:

Basketball fan Duane is excited about the prospect of planning his wedding, and having the chance to explore his own unique ideas. But his bride to be Mandy is afraid that his overly masculine tastes won’t jive with her warm, colorful and romantic vision for her big day. Will Duane’s final product be a slam dunk in the eyes of his bride, or will he lose points?

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6 Responses to Jennifer Borgh on Rich Groom, Poor Groom, Slice network

  1. Kristen says:

    I was wondering if you know what the venue was that Mandy looked at with her friend? The episode showed her and her friend looking at an absolutely beautiful venue that I would love to have for my own wedding.


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