Wedding Programs & Schedules

It seems like everyone is getting into the Royal Wedding. My daughter’s elementary school has asks the children to get dressed up on Friday.  Last night I had a good laugh.  Over dinner my daughter asked me why Kate and William hadn’t hired me as their wedding planner.  I love how, without a doubt, I am her number one choice for a wedding planner.

It’s very rare that I turn away a wedding(unless I am too busy) because I am up for most challenges and love the variety of planning different types of weddings.  As exciting as a wedding such as Kate and William’s would be, I honestly don’t think I would have been able to be a good Wedding Planner for them.  There are too many rules and too much stress to follow a time line to the second.  I like to run on time but I couldn’t possibly be looking at a stop watch the entire time.

I spend a lot of time making schedules, floor plans, contact lists and and to-do list so my couples can relax on their wedding day.  It’s so important that I have ever detail to make sure I don’t need to call the couple and ask her anything during the day.  By the time the wedding rolls around, I know the couples taste, I know the family issues, I know exactly what they want and what they have planned and I can make decisions without stressing anyone else.

The official Royal Wedding program is out with a beautiful online version that reads like a magazine.

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