The Royal Wedding Trends

Although the royal wedding between Kate and William was beautiful, it’s not quite the trend setting event that I was hoping for.  Perhaps I got too carried away thinking of what I could do with such a large budget and how I envisioned an occasion with events and decor that the average couple could only dream of.

Most of what we have seen has already been popular for some time and although beautiful, not really anything new.  I do appreciate the fact that they tried to make the wedding timeless so that years down the road the style of the wedding wouldn’t be something to laugh at like Diana’s puff sleeves which have clearly dated her wedding.

These aren’t new trends but will be here for a while:

Ceremony Trends:

The Dress: We have been seeing a lot of lace incorporated into wedding gowns for a long time and have seen it come back in the last few years.  Some dress designers are designing wedding gowns using the lace from an old dress.  Sometimes from a mother or grandmother which also holds sentimental value.

The Trees: I do love seeing nature brought indoors but we have seen this trend for a while.  Preston Bailey used winter trees to line the aisle of Melissa River’s wedding and a lot of companies rent trees to add as décor.  I do love fresh potted flowers but often recommend them as a budget choice for décor as arranged flowers can be much more expensive.  I was really hoping for something extravagant and would love to have seen the reception flowers.

Unique seating: I do love the runway set up of the seating down the church aisle.  Seating is certainly something the can be played with but only if it doesn’t affect the comfort of the guests.

The Fascinators: Fascinators have become very trendy in the past few years and brides are often wearing them instead of crowns and veils.

Reception Trends:

The Dress: Some cultures have brides changing two to four times into different outfits, but having a second dress for the reception has become trendy in the past few years for guests and brides.  Even if the bride wears the same dress, she might change the straps, jewelry or hair.

The Grooms cake:  Groom cakes have become popular and are often a silly cake that represents something that is manly.  I do like that William choose a cake that was reminiscinant of his childhood.

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