As a Wedding Planner-Royal Disappointments

The Royal wedding was a spectacular event and even though I would not critique Kate`s personal style, I do have to point out a few disappointments as a wedding planner.

1. Although I loved the runway style seating, it should have been changed for the family that could see the reception.  There is a reason that pews and chairs always face the front and that is because it offers the best view and comfort for those who are watching.  Guests shouldn’t have to turn their necks uncomfortably to see a ceremony.

2. Folding chairs!  With such a huge budget it was pretty tacky for them to have folding chairs in the church. With so many chairs available to rent, this budget could have afforded prettier and more comfortable chairs for the guests.

3. The kids walking behind the bride: I don’t like this at all.  I think the bride should be the last one to walk down the aisle.  I think the children deserve their moment and should get smiles and have the aisle to themselves.  I do however love the idea of having an adult walk with them as getting small children down the aisle can pose quite a challenge.

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5 Responses to As a Wedding Planner-Royal Disappointments

  1. Soulmates Barbados says:

    Great observations – I am a traditionalist and love to see the beauty of the pews, facing front. However, if chiavari chairs were used, it would’ve been so tasteful and fresh with the chosen seating orientation. I don’t know what to make of the processional – it would be cool to know the thinking of breaking tradition.

    • Sue, Do you do flower girls before the brides also? I really like that much better.
      And I agree. Some gold chairs would have been much better than folding chairs.

  2. Crystal Adair-Benning says:

    The Processional WAS traditional – you’re just in the wrong country. In the UK brides traditionally step down the aisle first followed by their bridal parties. The bride is the focal point, not the bridesmaids or children.

    • It might be traditional in the UK but I still don’t like it. I think the kids should be allowed to have their moment in the spot light. Obviously they don’t agree with me.

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