What does it take to be a good Wedding MC

If you have the budget, I highly recommend hiring a professional MC.  If you hire a good one, your night will be smooth and fun.

A lot of couples go for family members or friends to be the MC which often ends in bad timing, bad jokes and a long night of talking.  I have unfortunately seen very few good MC’s that aren’t professional.  It’s seems to be one of those jobs that people think is easy, and as long as you are a good public speaker.  In reality, it’s quite the opposite.  Being a wedding MC is a very difficult job, especially for someone who hasn’t done it before.

I just attended a workshop on being a Wedding MC to hopefully shed some light and help my couples avoid a boring wedding that doesn’t run on time.

Mike from Prodigy Entertainment is a DJ and often does MC work at many Toronto Weddings each year.  He cautions wedding MC’s to take the role seriously and put in the time to do it right.  He suggests choosing someone who is organized and willing to put in the work to be prepared.

Here are some suggestions:

-Do your homework, get to know the couple and add personal touches

-Make sure you do your outline well in advance

-Type your script and read it back to yourself in the mirror to make sure it flows

-Discuss the plan with the DJ/band/Wedding Planner so everyone is on the same page

Here is a basic outline to help:

-Introduce yourself and your relationship to the bride and groom

-Housekeeping (smoking, kissing game, washrooms, don’t drink and drive)

-Mention out of town guests.  If there are many cut it down to the cities they are from

-Introduce Wedding Party and say something personal about each member (Jim is known for his ballet moves on the dance floor)

-Grace/Prayer (if couple wants Grace).  Sometimes couples like Grace to be said by another member of the family.

-Before each speaker goes up, introduce them and mention something about them and also their relationship to the Bride and groom. (Tip: make sure you say their name last so guests know when to cheer)

Things to avoid saying:

-Avoid embarrassing subjects and information that can’t be taken back( ie: you once dated the brideJ)

-Avoid saying ummmmm, or @ this time, or uh uh

-Make sure catering is not clearing plates during speeches

-Avoid running over 7 minutes per speech.

-Hold the mic away from your mouth(about 15 cm’ away)

Hope this helps!

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