What I hate about Banquet Hall Weddings

Here they are!   My two biggest issues with banquet hall weddings.

Ugly Carpet:

Why oh why do some banquets have to put big red patterned carpet in banquet rooms?  Even if it’s a great carpet(unless your decor is red) it is distracting and usually takes away from the wedding decor.  Wood floors and neutral carpet are the best way to blend into the decor and add to the look instead of taking away from it.

If you already booked your wedding and want to minimize the impact of the carpet:  Use low lighting, consider laying floor, try and choose wedding colours that match instead of clash.

Divider Walls

We need to demand better for our weddings.  Weddings cost a lot of money and 2 weddings should not be sharing a room.  These typical wall dividers are used at a lot of banquet halls and NEVER keep the sound in one room.  If there is another wedding on the other side of the wall you are sure to hear their guests cheering during  your heartfelt speech and loud music pumping just as you go into your first dance.  In my eyes this is completely unacceptable and I would never recommend this type of set up for my couples.  These are the things that Wedding Planners are trained to look for and couples often overlook until it’s too late.

If you already booked your wedding and want to minimize the impact of the divider wall: Use low lighting, drape the walls, have both DJ’s coordinate timing, ask to change rooms or pay a fee to use the rooms on either side of the wall.

Banquet hall’s can be a very good choice for some couples but selecting the right venue is key.  There are a lot of other issues to consider when having a banquet wedding.  Is the food good? Is the staff friendly? Are you the only couple using the entrance(and if not, are you ok with 4 other weddings, 4 other brides), is there a bridal suite with a safe? Do your research and make sure you have the venue/catering you want since this will take up a large portion of the wedding budget.

Happy Planning!

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