Groom Broke His Wrist Hrs Before Ceremony!

Men love to get together the morning of their wedding for breakfast, a game of golf or for wedding pre-drinks as a last bonding session before they walk down the aisle.  At the wedding above, Jeff and his bridal party headed out for a motorcycle ride on the morning of his wedding.  With only a few hours until the ceremony, Jeff crashed and broke his wrist!  He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on his wrist as as I was getting ready for their wedding, I got the horrific call.  Luckily, the amazing staff at the hospital were able to put Jeff back together and send him off to his ceremony.  My staff and the staff at the Church put together an impromptu reception at the church while we waited on the groom.  The groom arrived and the wedding went on(only one hour late).  I think that Jeff and Devon held each other a little tighter that night grateful that it could have been a lot worse then it was.

Photo Credit Andrew Goodwin Photography

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