New Blog-Bridesmaids the Movie Contest Winner!

We have a Winner!  Erika K’s Wedding story win’s our Bridesmaids the movie contest. She will get a gift certificate for 2 general adult admissions+2 regular fountain drinks+regular popcorn.

Probably funny to the couple now but I am sure not funny at the time.  A Wedding Planners nightmare!  This is also a great lesson learned for couples planning a wedding.

Congratulations Erika!  I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.


Sooo this happened at a wedding in November of last year….

 It was a beautiful church ceremony and the bride and groom exchanged thoughtful and loving wedding vows. 

HOWEVER, nobody realized the dangers of the reception line!! 

The groom, who has never been much of a drinker, had a steady stream of shots as the wedding guests continually came up to congratulate him. 

He realized all was not well and occasionally could be seen sneaking into the kitchen and washroom as the alcohol took effect.  

The situation steadily deteriorated and the Father of the groom (in his tux of course) had to take him to the emergency ward at the peak of the party. 

The bride, still going strong, realized after an hour that her groom was actually no longer present at their own wedding and arrived at the hospital still in her wedding gown. 

The wedding continued for the rest of the evening without the two guests of honour……

 Lesson: Never drink for the first time at your own wedding.

 Erika K. 

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