4 Major Reason’s to upgrade your “Day of Coordination” Package.

Day of Coordination is one of the most brilliant service based ideas in wedding planning.  It’s a must have at any wedding and should always make the priority list.  Even if you are the best Wedding Planner around, you yourself need to hire a “Day of Coordinator” at your own wedding.  Do you want to be able to relax at your wedding?  Do you want to have your guests/vendors taken care of?  Do you want the day/night to flow?  Do you want someone to work with all  your vendors to make sure everyone is working together to make this day perfect? Do you want someone there for you and anything that may come up on the day?  Yes!  of course you do.

With “Day of Coordination” your wedding planner/coordinator will likely be working very hard to make everything good.  Of course, “Day of Coordinators”  have serious limitations if couples have done all the planning.  Some of these issues could have easily been foreseen if a planner was hired earlier in the game.  I would highly recommend upgrading a wedding planning package if couples have the budget to do so.

4 Major Issues That Arise When a Wedding Planner Hasn’t Been Hired Early in the Planning

Dodgy vendors: It’s near impossible for couples to know the good from the bad since it’s most likely their one and only time planning a wedding.  Unfortunately too often, bad reviews of vendors come from Day of Coordinators who have had to deal with a dodgy vendor that they didn’t recommend.

-Extra Expenses: I often see a lot of money wasted when I have done “Day of Coordinations”.  Sometimes, I am shocked at the money that was spent.  Not because of the amount  but because of the value of what they got for that amount.  I am not talking about bargaining your vendors down, I am talking about spending your money wisely on the items that will make the most impact.

-Bad Planning: Forgot to plan something for the guests between the ceremony and reception?, forgot to book the photographer long enough to take family photos?.  And although a good “Day of Coordinator” will go over these details a few weeks before the wedding it may be too late to change the plans or might increase the cost.

-Forgotten Details: There always seems to be something that couples forget to mention.  When hiring a planner earlier on they get to know you an your wedding inside and out and even if something is forgotten it’s much easier to make a judgement call to fix the issue right away.

Day of Coordinators work extremely hard to put out fires on your day so remember not to blame your Coordinator for anything she/he couldn’t plan.  Choose the service that meets your wedding budget and needs but always upgrade if you can!

About Jennifer Borgh:

Specializing in destination weddings and local weddings in Toronto and York Region, Jennifer Borgh with her team of exceptional assistants and vendor connections ensure every single detail of your wedding is taken care of. Jennifer Borgh Events is a boutique planning company and doesn’t overbook.  Jennifer Borgh plans weddings and honeymoons FULL time and is therefore available when you need her!

Her extensive background in events has taken her all across the Caribbean.  Being Certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Sandals and Travel Industry Council of Ontario leaves destination bridal parties completely worry-free in her capable hands.



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