Do you need Insurance for your Wedding?

Weddings are suppose to be fun and a great day all around but what happens if something major goes wrong?

One of the most serious causes of couples being sued is liquor liability issues at their wedding.  There are many things you can do to prevent drinking and driving such as pre-paid taxi chits for your guests, Smart serve certified bartenders and organizing special rates for hotel rooms.  But what if your guests still go ahead and drive?  Are you aware that you may be held responsible for hosting the wedding?

Insurance provides financial protection against many of those things that can go wrong with your wedding plans, including cancellation from most causes beyond your control.

Here are somethings you might want insurance for:

1-Wedding cancellation: Reimbursement of all deposits paid or contracted to be paid for transportation, catering, accommodation, photos, flowers or dress because of unexpected cancellation of the wedding caused by: Death, injury, illness, jury duty or unemployment of bride or groom or immediate family. Coverage also available for unforeseen occupational posting overseas of the bride or groom or problems with the rented premises such as damage to the premise, closure by authority or bankruptcy. Extreme weather conditions also included.

2- Wedding photos and video: Payment of the extra expenses necessary to retake the photo if they cannot be reproduced for any reason including non appearance for the photographer. The cost already paid for the video is also covered if it cannot be produced.

3- Bridal Attire: Coverage for physical loss or damage to the bridal attire once the property is the care of the insured. Coverage will also extend if the supplier of the attire suffers financial failure and deposits are lost.

4- Wedding present: Insurance for direct physical loss or damage to wedding presents (24 hours prior and after the wedding) while property is at the couples home or reception location or in transit between the 2. (money and gift certificates excluded)

5- Honeymoon Cancellation: Will reimburse if insured suffers a loss of pre-paid, non-refundable cost for travel due to the cancellation of the actual wedding.

6- Loss deposit: Will pay for non-refundable deposits made to providers of any booked goods or services if they suffers financial failure or, if any booked live entertainment do not appear.

7.Liquor Liability: Only is a program designed for individuals seeking to cover their liquor exposure only or for organizations who already hold a Commercial General Liability that excludes any liability arising from the sale, service or consumption of alcohol.

Most of these types of insurance are available through providers such as PAL Insurance

If you are planning a destination wedding then offering your clients travel medical + Cancellation is also recommended.

About Jennifer Borgh

Specializing in destination weddings and local weddings in Toronto and York Region, Jennifer Borgh with her team of exceptional assistants and vendor connections ensure every single detail of your wedding is taken care of. Jennifer Borgh Events is a boutique planning company and doesn’t overbook.  Jennifer Borgh plans weddings and honeymoons FULL time and is therefore available when you need her!

Her extensive background in events has taken her all across the Caribbean.  Being Certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Sandals and Travel Industry Council of Ontario leaves destination bridal parties completely worry-free in her capable hands.

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