New Blog-Jennifer Borgh Events Bridal Emergency Kit

Jennifer Borgh Events Bridal Emergency Kit

One of the most important parts of my service is coordination on the wedding day.  I  come prepared for any potential issues that can arise at a wedding.  From safety pins to deodorant, my bridal emergency kit comes stocked with quick fixes. Certain items, I use at every wedding such as bobby pins and tape and other items I have used once or twice(such as an extra garter).  I have sewed a guests dress that split up the back while she waited in the bathroom stall, cleaned dirt from many bridal gowns and even had to supply the pen that was forgotten for the wedding registry!

As well as my visible emergency kit, I also have my invisible emergency kit.  First aid training, smart serve training, floral design training, and many years of catering experience.  I can think quickly to solve issues so my couples can relax and enjoy their day.

As well as my kit, I suggest to couples that they bring things specific to their wedding.  Extra make up in their colours(especially lipstick), extra printed items(such as placecards, menus and reserved signs) and extra panty hose etc.  For men, I suggest 2 shirts, especially on a hot day.

About Jennifer Borgh

Specializing in destination weddings and local weddings in Toronto and York Region, Jennifer Borgh with her team of exceptional assistants and vendor connections ensure every single detail of your wedding is taken care of. Jennifer Borgh Events is a boutique planning company and doesn’t overbook.  Jennifer Borgh plans weddings and honeymoons FULL time and is therefore available when you need her!

Her extensive background in events has taken her all across the Caribbean.  Being Certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Sandals and Travel Industry Council of Ontario leaves destination bridal parties completely worry-free in her capable hands.

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