Ashwini and Imran’s private villa Hindu wedding in Jamaica

Most of the time, when I get an inquiry, its from the bride or the groom but in this case, (for the first time ever!) the brides father was the first person to call and inquire about my services.  He travels regularly to Jamaica for his business and knows Jamaica well so he was able test my knowledge of Jamaica thoroughly:)  Ashwini’s parents were very involved in the entire planning and are obviously her biggest supporters! (and her mom makes an amazing black cake and always saves me a piece!:).   Since they already had a lot of contacts in Jamaica, Ashwini decided to use some of her own wedding vendors which makes me very nervous(as I know how amazing my own decor team is and how much easier planning is when I handle all the details!) but Ashwini wanted to be very hands on which I am completely flexible on.  It was a pleasure working with her and some of her vendors and seeing how well the wedding turned out!

Wishing Ashwini and Imran a long and healthy life together!

Thanks to Hina from  MLR Photography for this gorgeous photos of the day!

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ash6Wedding Planner: Jennifer Borgh Events

Decor:  White Lights

Travel Agent: Jennifer Borgh Travel Only


We are happy to share our other wedding vendors with our current clients.

Specializing in destination weddings in Jamaica, Jennifer Borgh with her team of exceptional assistants and vendor connections ensure every single detail of your wedding is taken care of. Jennifer Borgh Events is a boutique planning company and doesn’t overbook. Jennifer Borgh plans weddings and honeymoons FULL time and is therefore available when you need her!

Her extensive background in events has taken her all across the Caribbean. Being Certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Jamaica Tourist Board, Sandals and Travel Industry Council of Ontario leaves destination bridal parties completely worry-free in her capable hands.

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